Monza in A is also a (beautiful) book

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‘Monza Destination Series A’ arrives

It is not mandatory to be a Monza fan to put this volume in one’s library. Because there is a lot of passion, that put by the two authors, Giulio Artesani and Stefano Peduzzi, there is also a lot of quality in ‘Monza destinazione Serie A’ (Diarkos). After all, it is not easy to write the history of a club over a century long, and then if in 110 years of soccer this club has defended its colors between Serie B and C, even touching the underworld of amateurism, the challenge is even more difficult. And the two have met it in a big way by creating a product of the highest level.

This book is a long journey that starts from the birth of the team, tells of its two failures, its rebirth with Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani, and ends with the longed-for and well-deserved landing in Serie A. With the stories of 110 characters – managers, players, journalists, insiders, as many as there are years of the club – who participated in its history. Always on Monza’s side.

The volume, which enjoys the preface by Fulvio Saini, for years the flag of the Brianzoli, will be available in bookstores and online stores from Tuesday, July 5.

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