Pol Espargaró dejected: “Marc Marquez said we would be fine…”

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Spanish centaur and Honda’s black crisis: “We went into shock after the first problems”

Pol Espargaró in an interview with Mundo Deportivo offered an unapologetic description of the moment of crisis Honda is going through. The new bike still does not convince: “We have problems every weekend, sometimes you fall, sometimes it’s mechanical problems. So it’s complicated and frustrating. I am also responsible, because when the bike is going bad it is a must to be the fastest rider on that bike, and my results had to be better.”

The bike has changed dramatically since the beginning of the season: “That current one has nothing to do with it, neither in terms of riding nor technically. In the whole preseason no I had one fall. When so many crashes happen, even when you go slow, something is wrong.”

“I remember Marc Marquez in preseason,” Espargaró continued, “he felt that the front end had problems, but he had said that with this bike we would do very well. Then we went in shock at how things actually went wrong.”

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