Lewis Hamilton laughs it up in front of Charles Leclerc

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Lewis Hamilton’s words

Lewis Hamilton can be satisfied with his podium finish at Silverstone: “First of all I want to thank the whole crowd, it’s been years since so many people showed up giving support that you don’t see anywhere else. I gave everything, I tried to chase the Ferraris and I have to congratulate Carlos, he was very fast. Then I was in a battle with Perez and he had more on the straights, too much for me; I am grateful for the work done by the team.”

“Difficulties with the new tires? No, we lost a little time with a slow pit stop (4″, ed.), so all I had to do was give it my all and chase down whoever was ahead of me; the pace was great. Then when you get behind a RedBull, they are too much faster in the straights and that’s where we have to improve. But it’s still great to get on the podium here, and I’m glad no one was hurt in that crash at the beginning of the race. We will continue to push and do our best to improve.”

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