Mattia Binotto tries to justify himself to Charles Leclerc

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The words of Mattia Binotto

Mattia Binotto began his post-Silverstone analysis at Sky Sport F1’s microphones from Carlos Sainz’s victory: “After 150 Grands Prix, to win for the first time and to do it with Ferrari is wonderful. He had a beautiful weekend with pole position and consistency, he optimized and made the most of it. Well-deserved win and it’s a well-deserved win for us too, on British soil: it’s not a given, it was important to come back and win and we did it.

Keeping the spotlight, however, are the decisions that cost Charles Leclerc, in the end only fourth: “A missed opportunity to gain points, but you have to be satisfied. He was winning, Ocon could have found a better place to stop He was winning, he made a garon, he fought at the start and after, shows what value he has. Fourth place deserved, we could have done more but it is the result of external episodes.”

“A double pit stop didn’t fit because there wasn’t enough space, Sainz would have lost positions. We could have stopped only one and we chose Sainz because Leclerc was in the lead and had the freshest tires between the two. We were hoping for a degradation of the softs that would have allowed Leclerc to regain the lost positions, but that was not the case. It was a choice made with rationale,” he concluded.

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