Charles Leclerc crushes Ferrari’s wall.

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Charles Leclerc’s words

Charles Leclerc did not hide his disappointment with what happened at Silverstone. “Once again a race in which the result does not come. As it turned out, I did everything to do my best, even the final defense. I really could not do more. Everything turned at the time of the Safety Car. The team wanted to make a split, fitting the soft tires to the second in line. I don’t think it was the right decision, but it’s gone now.”

The Ferrari race wall’s faults are obvious: “I am no one to demand clarification from Ferrari. But I can’t help but say it was a frustrating race, also because I think I lost valuable time for my optimal performance in the first stints, but from the car I don’t have the global picture of what is happening. Anyway, I don’t care about this speech, the focus has to go to Carlos Sainz who won his first career race and it is a special moment. I, however, do not hide my disappointment.”

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