Matteo Berrettini, back on the court after Covid

©Getty Images

The words of Matteo Berrettini

Matteo Berrettini, after the disappointment of the Covid 19 positivity that cost him his participation in Wimbledon, is already back on the court.

He has done so to train on the courts of Club La Meridiana in Casinalbo, where the Casinalbo Itf, in which his brother Jacopo is entered, is also underway.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity, I’m fine, I’ve recovered. Obviously, it takes time to get back to 100 percent, however, fortunately I feel fit. Obviously there is a big emotional disappointment, however, I am still on the tennis courts and that is the most important thing. Vincenzo Santopadre will also be coming here soon, but for a couple of days I will be coaching Jacopo (laughs, ed.). Of course I am always very pleased to spend time with my brother, we also grew up together on the tennis courts. When there is an opportunity to follow him in tournaments I try to take advantage of it, then in such a beautiful place like this it is even more pleasant.”

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