Fernando Alonso lashes out at Charles Leclerc

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Fernando Alonso’s words

Fernando Alonso is not satisfied with fifth place in Silverstone.

“It was a fun race and we are happy to have finished in 5th, I was hoping there would be some action at the end that would allow us to get on the podium, but it was fun to fight for the top five places. Realistically though, I should have taken 4th place, because I saw Leclerc move in front of Hamilton several times, and compared to what happened to me in Canada, I think that was not allowed, and he should have been penalized,” the former Ferrarista attacked.

“Looking at the weekend as a whole, I think the car was very good and I felt more competitive than in the other races so far this season. We went well showing a consistent pace. I expect us to continue like this and I hope to maintain our competitiveness in the next races. I have to congratulate Sainz on his first win, and I am glad that Zhou is okay after his accident at the start. It shows how far safety has advanced in modern F1 races″.

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