Michele Scarponi, a plaque for helping Vincenzo Nibali

©Getty Images

Michele Scaponi and Vincenzo Nibali

Cycling fans still remember very well what happened on the Agnello Pass during the 2016 Giro d’Italia.

That’s why a plaque was unveiled at the spot where the unforgettable Michele Scarponi that May 27 set foot on the ground to wait as a luxury domestique for his captain Vincenzo Nibali, to help him in the feat of winning his second pink jersey.

The idea was strongly desired by the Foundation and the family, and the day chosen coincides with one of the dates scheduled for the “Legendary Climbs”-promoted by the Départment des Hautes Alpes with the Terre del Monviso and the Mountain Unions of the Po, Varaita, Maira, Grana and Stura Valleys-with the closure to traffic of the Colle dell’Agnello climb.

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