Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic doesn’t mince words about Jannik Sinner

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Certificate of appreciation from the Serb after quarterfinal on London grass

It really took the best Novak Djokovic possible to get the better of a Jannik Sinner capable of making even the most skeptical believe in the feat after the first two sets of the quarterfinal played at Wimbledon. And it was the Serbian champion himself who acknowledged it, after the incredible comeback from 0-2 down in the set count.

“What happened in the first two sets? I would rather talk more about the third, fourth and fifth! – exclaimed Nole -. Anyway really congratulations to Jannik, he played a great match. I am sure there will be more opportunities for him on the big stages, he is very mature for his age, he is worthy of the top 10 and he has plenty of time to improve further. I wish him good luck for the rest of the season.”

After predicting a bright future for Sinner to say the least, Djokovic then recounted the turning point of the match, “We played a good match, he for two sets was the best on the court. I used the toilet break to refresh myself, look in the mirror and wake up. When an opponent dominates you on the court, even these things are necessary. I talked to myself, to reassemble my ideas and offer my opponent my best. After the first break in the third set I regained confidence, experience helped me handle the pressure.”

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