Casey Stoner no-nonsense about Valentino Rossi and the future of MotoGp

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The Australian’s opinion on Rossi and MotoGp.

Casey Stoner, a guest on the talk ‘Champions tell their stories’ in Florence, spoke among other things about the current state of MotoGp, which from this year comes to terms with the absence from the grid of Valentino Rossi.

“In recent years his results were not what he had accustomed us to, he was out of the title fight,” Stoner said, without mincing words, “so not so much has changed without him at the level of challenges at the top: on the other hand, though, I think MotoGp has lost a lot of fans.

“A lot of people used to come to the races to see Valentino,” Stoner said, “so we’ll see what happens next year at the fan level.

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