F1, Jean Alesi is adamant about Ferrari and Charles Leclerc after Silverstone

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Clear words about the Monegasque’s race

Jean Alesi, from the columns of ‘Il Corriere della Sera,’ gave his opinion on Charles Leclerc’s race at Silverstone and the controversy at the level of strategy at Ferrari.

“After Silverstone I recommend that we keep the emotions we received,” the former French driver explained, “the ones Leclerc gave to all of us. I have rarely seen drivers capable of doing what Charles did. A monstrous race, complete with an outside overtake on Hamilton at the Copse, using hard, less performing tires, in a point from banned attacks with equal conditions. An overtake worth a season. I would have given for impossible such a thing. Yet, he thought of it and did it.”

On the Rossa’s momentum, Alesi added, “This Ferrari goes strong in qualifying, is always in contention in the race, allows the drivers to push everywhere. Optimism is high thinking about the next races, starting Sunday in Austria. The rest, the ensuing controversy is inevitable around Ferrari. I prefer to think that Leclerc has gained in terms of popularity and awareness, despite not winning the points he deserved. And that he will excite us again also thanks to the car he drives: a winning Ferrari.”

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