F1, Carlos Sainz warns all his opponents

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First career victory in F1

He had to wait 150 races, but now his first victory in Formula 1 is here. Carlos Sainz did it in the last Silverstone GP with Ferrari, and now he certainly doesn’t want to stop there.

In Thursday’s press conference for the Austrian GP, he returned to his first win: “It was a great feeling, I’m getting used to it these days,” said Sainz. “But it’s right back on track in Austria. This victory has given me even more hunger to try again as soon as possible and keep fighting.”

Sainz then returned to the Safety Car management in the Silverstone finale: “In the end, Ferrari won and I think it was a right decision not to take distance on the restart,” he added. “A choice was made to ensure the Ferrari victory. In that situation I knew what to do and I think the team understood.”

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