F1, Max Verstappen fulminates Lewis Hamilton: “Get over it”

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Verstappen responds in kind to Hamilton’s provocation

Sparks in the press conference presenting the Austrian GP between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The British driver sent an indirect stylistic jab at the world champion by praising Charles Leclerc for overtaking at Copse corner at Silverstone, which went off without a hitch unlike last season: “Charles did a great job, he’s a great driver. Our fight was clearly very different from what I experienced last year at Copse. But we were both able to fight and pass wheel to wheel without any problems.”

The Dutch Red Bull driver responded in kind, attacking the seven-time world champion: “I think it’s very nice that at 37 years old you can still learn how to rope. He is learning, and that is good. It is also good for younger riders to know that at 37 there is still room and time to learn. In the film comparing the two maneuvers, you can clearly see what has changed from last year. I think Charles gave him less space than I did, and that says a lot,” the words reported by formulapassion.

“Get over it, in the end he was the one who was penalized in 2021, so the comments he made don’t make sense,” he continued venomously. “It was clumsy of him to make certain statements just now that we are going to Austria and I will have many fans, but they are words that have no effect on my performance.

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