Wimbledon, Nadal’s shock withdrawal: ‘It doesn’t make sense’. Kyrgios in final

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Rafa Nadal announced his withdrawal from London Slam, no semifinal with Kyrgios

Rafael Nadal has been forced to raise the white flag at Wimbledon. The Spanish tennis player announced his withdrawal from the London Slam due to an abdominal tear: “On Wednesday I was in pain, I realized something was not right. I thought about it a lot, but there is no point in continuing to play.”

“I’ve done this many times in my career, but if I keep playing my injury will get worse. I am very sad, I think I will be out 3-4 weeks, this is the recovery time for these injuries,” said the Iberian star.

Nadal’s withdrawal allows Nick Kyrgios to qualify for the final at Wimbledon for the first time in his career.

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