Ferrari, Charles Leclerc sibylline: ‘Ask Binotto’

©Getty Images

Charles Leclerc in press conference, “First drive? I’m not the one who decides.”

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in a press conference denied any repercussions after what happened at Silverstone a week ago, when a decision by the Maranello team’s race wall penalized him: “There was only disappointment on my part with the final result, but however, on everyone’s part there was also satisfaction with Carlos Sainz’s first victory. Resentment does not exist.”

“There is no division on the part of the team, we are all united for a specific goal,” Leclerc vowed.

On the first-driver issue, however, he was silent: “Should the team decide between Carlos and me? It is not my choice, ask Mattia Binotto.”

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