Wimbledon, Fabio Fognini throws a dig at Rafa Nadal

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Ligurian tennis player downplays Spaniard’s physical problems

Rafa Nadal’s success against Taylor Fritz in the quarters at Wimbledon made a lot of noise because it was achieved despite the Spaniard’s worsening foot problems. Fabio Fognini, however, said he was far from impressed and in an ‘Instagram story’ launched a no small dig at Nadal.

Emphasizing the expression “as an injured man,” Fognini wrote “Definitely,” adding as a hashtag 4h20, which is the duration of the match. Below he then added, “Guys stop believing in what you read, please.”

Nadal is scheduled to play a semifinal against Nick Kyrgios on Friday: as he said in the press conference after his match with Fritz, the hope is to “be at 100 percent to play his best.”

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