Basketball, no A Series on TV at Rai

©Getty Images

No offer from state TV

Lega Basket Serie A will evaluate the allocation of TV rights for the next three seasons of the top basketball league based on bids received from Eleven Sports and Eurosport. There is no Rai among the suitors: the basketball A Series will therefore not be broadcast by state TV.

“Lega Basket Serie A,” reads the note released Thursday, “announces that today at 12 p.m. the deadline for submitting new offers for the Pay and Free Packages of Domestic Audiovisual Rights for the 2022/2023, 2023/2024 and 2024/2025 Sports Seasons expired following the private negotiation that took place last July 12. In the presence of a notary, also today, the bids for both Pay and Free rights were opened by operators Eleven Sports Network Ldt and Eurosport Sas. The LBA will evaluate in the coming days whether the formal and substantial requirements for the eventual assignment exist.”

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