Marcell Jacobs: “Never thought I would be at the World Cup.”

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The words of Marcell Jacobs

Marcell Jacobs, as Olympic 100 m champion, will be one of the most anticipated men at the World Championships in Eugene: “How do I look? Let’s put it this way: today I’m at 97 percent, the day before the race I’ll be at 98 percent, for the battery at 99 percent and for the final at 100 percent. I’m here and now I’m jumping in, I came to Eugene to play all my cards.”

“The desire to compete is so much, if I’m here it’s because in the last few days we’ve had good feedback in training, physically, technically and chronometrically. I admit it: the way I was in Stockholm at the end of June, I never thought I would be here at the World Championships. But the discomfort that forced me to skip that race has gone away gradually, now it’s under control, yesterday we even tried the starts from the blocks on the 30 meters: we managed it and are continuing to do so. It’s a pain that comes from a back issue and not a muscle problem-I’ve had it since I was a kid, it pops up now and then.”

“Never thought of just doing the individual race and skipping the 4×100: we come here as Olympic champions, we have been through a lot of difficulties but we are a real team, a united group,” Jacobs finally pointed out.

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