Legadue, calendar and formula of the next Supercup drawn up

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The event will take place in September

Lega Nazionale Pallacanestro has announced the rounds, schedule and formula for holding the 2022 LNP Old Wild West Super Cup, concerning the teams registered for the A2 Series championship.

Blue group – Pallacanestro Cantù, Urania Milano, Basket Torino, JBasket Monferrato.
Yellow group – Pallacanestro Trapani, Fortitudo Agrigento, Stella Azzurra Roma.
Green group – Blu Basket Treviglio, UCC Piacenza, Juvi Cremona, Vanoli Cremona.
Red group – Basket Ravenna, Pallacanestro 2.015 Forlì, Benedetto XIV Cento, RBR Rimini.
Blue group – Pasca Nardò, Cestistica San Severo, Latina Basket, Chieti Basket 1974.
White group – Pistoia Basket 2000, NPC Rieti, Fortitudo Bologna, San Giobbe Chiusi.
Orange group – Pallacanestro Mantovana, APU Udine, Kleb Basket Ferrara, UEB Cividale.

The qualifying phase is structured on three one-way games (two for the Yellow Group).
The 7 winners of the rounds and the best runner-up advance to the quarterfinals, in a single game, on the court of the team with the best ranking. With pairing Blue-Yellow, Green-Red, Blue-White, Orange-best second.
The 4 winners advance to the Final Four, with the 2022 Super Cup at stake.

The dates for the qualifying phase are Sunday, September 11, Wednesday, September 14, Sunday, September 18. The dates are to be understood as “no later than”: it is given to the teams, in agreement with each other (and by September 2), to advance the date of holding the matches.

Quarterfinals: Wednesday, September 21.
Final Four: Saturday, September 24 and Sunday, September 25.

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