Caja, Bartoli back on divorce: “Certain values go beyond results”

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Caja, Bartoli back on divorce.

With Il Resto del Carlino Veronica Bartoli, president of Pallacanestro Reggiana, also spoke about Attilio Caja, long on the red and white bench and recently landed on the bench of Scafati.

“He is a coach who, from a technical point of view, is undoubtedly very good and valid,” he explained. “However, I tell you that, as I am, certain values go beyond results. In short, in this respect, we were not aligned and did not have the same vision as a company that looks to the long term. In any case, I have no hard feelings and I thank him for what he did. I think we all owe him some gratitude, but that choice, taken in a common way by the whole society, was made for the good of Pallacanestro Reggiana. With that in mind, perhaps in the future we might even decide to recall him.”

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