Buscaglia on missed trio: “Clearly we were not ready.”

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Trieste unlocks, Naples recriminates

First success for Trieste, which goes through Naples. A breath of fresh air for the Giulians, now not alone at the bottom of the standings. “We are very regretful about the defeat, great credit goes to Trieste, which played a galliard game,” said the coach of the Campanias, Buscaglia. “We started well, but then we were not able to find remedy in the zone, committing many mistakes. There were small blunders that continued throughout the game, we were not able to play the game we wanted. We wanted to win. We are aware that we have a lot of work to do. We have to play better, attack the spaces.”

“We gave our opponents confidence. Evidently we were not ready to win the third consecutive victory,” the former Trento coach, among others, concludes.

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