Cagliari, Joao Pedro’s emotional farewell

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Joao Pedro’s farewell

After eight years in Sardinia, the time has come for goodbyes between Joao Pedro and Cagliari, newly promoted to Serie B.

The naturalized Italian striker wrote a touching letter on his social profiles, dedicated to the fans of the red and blue team: “Cagliari, the time has come to say goodbye. This letter is for you. So, I could have written you a book with perfect words or say a simple THANK YOU, but it would not be enough at this moment. Because it is hard to find the words to tell you how important you have been to me. It’s been almost a decade, lots and lots of memories and unforgettable moments. We have rejoiced and cried together. We have waged war, always together. Nothing and no one has ever separated me from you. Criticism, negative moments and lack of confidence only gave me more charge to make history with you. My name will always be there…what an honor! It is impossible after so long not to create a strong and pure feeling with the land that welcomed me in the best way possible, with the jersey that has become my second skin. Only you and I know how we feel about each other. Only you and I know our unique bond. And that’s what matters to me. You have opened the door to the world for me, and ironically I leave through that same door. Today I have a bittersweet feeling, on the one hand sad because I am leaving you, on the other hand happy because I am part of your story.”

“I arrived a boy and I leave a man and a father. I saw my children born and raised here. André, a true Cagliari fan will miss you. Sorry for the times when I was not able to drag you up. But trust me, I gave everything. Sorry for my silence after that cursed night in Venice, but I am human too and I suffered as much as you and you after that failure. I am sorry that so many did not understand that my silence was necessary rather than chosen. I am sorry that criticism sometimes makes one forget what good has been done, after all I have always been silent and all the affection and respect I have earned from a part of you was won inside the field. I understand your regrets but a simple apology would have been obvious and would have been little. I have been wrong many times, I have been just as many times incapable and limited but I have given my all and that is what counts. What makes me sleep with a clear conscience every night. I have always respected this jersey to the utmost at all times. Never out of self-interest or convenience, but always with love for the opportunity that I earned to then be able to get here. When it comes to soccer there will always be so much love and passion, you can win or lose, fall and get back up, all this will always be part of the game!” continued the letter from the 1992 class player.

“Casteddu miu, chi nisciunus pensiri ci siat cosa prus manna de tui. Poita nisciunus mancu s’accostara a tui. Seu sicuru che as’ a torrai in artu, innui ti minesciri. S’amori, s’impegnu e s’onestadi chi t’apu sempre donau est cussu chi ti dopemmu torrai. Totu s’atru anta a essi sempri fueddus a su entu. M’as a mancai…Adiosu Casteddu” concludes Joao Pedro.

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