Dries Mertens farewell, the anger of the Blue fans explodes

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“After the swearing, I also ran out of words,” one reads on Twitter.

These are difficult days for the Neapolitan people. Metabolized by now months ago the farewell of Lorenzo Insigne – Neapolitan doc as well as captain of the Azzurri – a few weeks ago the Neapolitan fans also said goodbye to Kalidou Koulibaly, who succumbed to Chelsea’s enticements after failing to reach an agreement with De Laurentiis for a contract renewal.

Then on Saturday came another piece of news that had been in the air for months by then: Dries Mertens, the all-time top scorer in Napoli’s history, is also leaving the club. The manner in which the news became practically official-a newspaper rumor, later confirmed verbally by the Azzurri patron himself-made the Azzurri fans explode with anger.

Anger mounted on social media against Aurelio de Laurentiis, guilty of not making sure that a symbol of the Neapolitan fan could stay for at least one more season. Which is what the Belgian player was then asking for, in terms of contract length. Gl invitations, sometimes dovish, addressed to the president to leave the direction of the club immediately, are not even counted. What Azzurri fans experienced as yet another blow to their hearts risks having opened an irremediable wound in the already difficult relations between them and the Neapolitan patron.

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