Milan, it’s the moment of truth for Charles De Ketelaere: the important clue

©Getty Images

A market hint, bringing the most coveted coup of the moment closer.

Milan is eager to embrace Charles De Ketelaere, and despite the difficulties in finding an agreement with Bruges, it is the Belgian club itself that indirectly sends a signal to the Rossoneri.

Indeed, the first list of Bruges’ summoned players for the Belgian Pro League, ahead of the season debut against Genk, has arrived. And here, in the names given by coach Carl Hoefkens, De Ketelaere’s does not appear. Moreover, the choice appears completely technical, since the list of injured players includes only Buchanan, Nusa and Odoi.

Negotiations remain stalled for now, with Milan intending to invest 30 million euros plus two in bonuses for the player. Bruges, however, still demands five more. However, the operation remains largely in progress, and the Belgian club is aware of this. So much so that De Ketelaere, at least for the moment, does not seem to fit into his coach’s plans.

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