F1, Gp France: Nico Rosberg spies everyone on Charles Leclerc’s crash

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Surprising words from Keke’s son

Charles Leclerc’s accident at Le Castellet was considered a driver error by most insiders and by the Monegasque himself, who admitted fault and apologized after retiring in the French Grand Prix. There are those, however, who think in a diametrically opposite way and use surprising words: they are 2016 world champion Nico Rosberg, who commenting on the race on ‘Sky Sport Uk’ said he does not believe in the simple mistake.

“I think it’s premature for Charles to take the blame for what happened,” said Keke’s son. The incident was really unusual, Leclerc was not even pushing hard, he was saving tires at that moment.”

“What could have happened? At that point, for example, the wind comes,” Rosberg explained, “an unfortunate gust or something like that can reduce even 20 percent of the downforce in a few moments. Then the engine must also be evaluated: a drop in power, even a small one, can cause problems at the rear. They have to examine all the data well, in Ferrari: I can’t believe in the driver’s error.”

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