Charles Leclerc for Jean Alesi is not Sebastian Vettel

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Jean Alesi’s words

Jean Alesi had his say from the pages of Corriere della Sera after what happened in France: “I don’t agree with those who compare Charles’ going off the track with Vettel’s at Hockenheim in 2018. Two different mistakes in different conditions, remembering that Seb had four world titles and a long career at the top behind him, as opposed to Leclerc. Who, even compared to today’s Verstappen, should be evaluated differently. Perhaps remembering how much criticism was directed at Max until last year.”

“I saw at the end of the race a beautiful attitude on the part of Binotto and the entire Ferrari staff toward a driver, Leclerc precisely, who was mortified, with low morale. They were all around him, with affection, without showing any nervousness. Well, after so many suspicions about the quality of internal relations at Ferrari, I think the team will do everything to support a recovery of Charles, albeit a very difficult one. The car is destined to become unbeatable not only in the short term, but also in the coming years.”

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