Mika Salo teases and crushes Ferrari

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The words of Misa Salo

Mika Salo, former Ferrari driver, spoke to RacingNews365 about what is happening this year in Maranello: “You don’t win world titles this way. It’s hard to say what goes into causing these problems in Ferrari, but there is always something going wrong.”

“The situation is really difficult, but I’m sure they will try to investigate, analyze and solve everything, because they threw away the title. Certainly that much pressure on the team, but it’s like that for every team. The management is always under pressure to perform at their best, and of course in Italy there is a lot of talk about it, and Ferrari has changed the people in charge of the team several times.”

“I think Mattia has done a really good job getting Ferrari back to the top, he just needs to fix some small things. They manage to put some very good Saturdays on the track, but on Sundays they don’t do as well. It almost seems like the pre-race meetings go backwards, as if they are studying how to lose instead of how to win. Frankly, I don’t think they deserve the title. But it would be nice if they solved all the problems after the summer break, because we all want to see fun races and an exciting battle for the title, maybe with the addition of Mercedes in the fight for wins,” Salo concluded.

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