F1, Max Verstappen puts fear into Liberty Media

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The Dutchman è convinced that 24 GPs per season is too many

The F1 World Championship, 2024 edition, is about to begin. A long World Championship, considering that, this year, there are as many as 24 GPs scheduled. A choice that Liberty Media, owner of F1, made to increase revenues and spectacle but that several drivers did not è like, especially Verstappen, winner of three World Champion titles and big favorite for poker.

"I know he won&#39t spend another 10 years doing 24 races a year", his clear words reported by Marca. A strong stance shared by other drivers (Alonso, to name but one) that confirms how the decision to further lengthen the World Championship was not welcome. Verstappen’s discontent è a signal not to be underestimated by Liberty Media.

Actually, Verstappen, several times, has reiterated that he does not see himself in F1 for a long time. Unlike other drivers, the Dutchman seems to have many other interests and, although still very young (26 years old), he would already be planning a future away from Formula 1 circuits. In the meantime, however, he wants to continue to dominate and take home as many World Champion titles as possible, even in an endless World Championship like this one that is about to begin.

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