Juventus, there is a new name for after Federico Chiesa

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Lazio’s Felipe Anderson and Sassuolo’s Berardi

would also like to see.

At the moment, Chiesa&#39s future is a puzzle. The Italian, who has returned from a long injury, is having an up-and-down season. He can not find the continuity (another physical problem in the last training session) that he would need to return to his levels and, in the Bianconeri house, there are questions about whether it is right or time to continue betting on him for the future.

Chiesa has a guaranteed contract with Juventus until June 2025 but, at the moment, the renewal è on stand-by. Giuntoli wants to think hard about the pros and cons of the operation. Be that as it may, a decision will be made in the summer, also so as not to run the risk of losing him at zero at the end of next season. Should he pack his bags, there would already be some papable names to replace him.

The latest idea would be Gudmundsson, one of this year&#39s Genoa surprises. The 26-year-old Icelander è already reached 11 goals in the season and seems ready for a top club. Also watch out for the name of Felipe Anderson, whose contract is expiring with Lazio, and for that of Berardi, an old ball of the Bianconeri. First, however, it will be necessary to understand Chiesa’s future.

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