F1, Max Verstappen sees the World Championship: ‘I win even with spins’

©Getty Images

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen takes a crazy comeback victory in Hungary

Max Verstappen gloats after his crazy victory in Hungary: having started from 10th place, the Red Bull driver is the protagonist of a splendid comeback on a track where it is very difficult to overtake, favored by a perfect strategy.

“I didn’t think I was going to win, I was hoping to get closer to the podium,” explained Verstappen, who sees the title getting closer and closer. “The conditions were tricky, but we were very responsive to implement our strategy at the right times. I even managed to win with a good spin…. I was struggling with the clutch and gearbox at the time and made a mistake. Fortunately, there were no consequences and I was able to seize this result. So many battles today, it was fun.”

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