Pirelli also rejects Ferrari’s strategy

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The words of Mario Isola

The strategy adopted by Ferrari in Hungary continues to cause discussion.

The head of Pirelli Car Racing Mario Isola also spoke about it live on Sky Sport: “”The strategies we see are made on the average of the data of all the teams. We give an indication of what are the strategies we will see in the race. These are the ones that in our calculations are the fastest, but each team then does the math on their cars. This time the strategy we came up with turned out to be the fastest.”

“Regarding the hard tire, I said that with today’s conditions, with lower temperatures, having to put more energy on the Hard tires to get them warmed up, there is problem with warm up and grip and they were probably not the right choice. We also saw on Friday that the Red tire could work, it was not a one-lap time tire. The only doubt about the soft was the graining, which came out today in the race and was managed. The medium was clearly the more centered tire. I don’t know if Ferrari changed the tires too early, they should be asked, not me. We will analyze the tires and give information to all the teams.”

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