Chelsea, Koulibaly tells the truth about his farewell to Napoli

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Koulibaly tells the truth about his farewell

Kalidou Koulibaly was introduced, in a press conference, by Chelsea.

The now former Napoli player, spoke about his farewell to Serie A and especially to the Neapolitan club.

“True, the Premier wanted me for a long time, but I believe in God, I think the right time was now. Maybe no club was ready before, maybe Napoli did not want me to leave and I am not the kind of player who fights with his club to leave. I have a lot of respect for the owner of Napoli, for its fans, I never forced myself to leave. However, this time was the right time, I spent 8 years there, I had a lot of good times, I learned a lot about soccer. I think I had reached the end of my story with Napoli, so I told my friends that I was coming to Chelsea,” explained the Senegalese defender.

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