Pisa, Gaetano Masucci tries to reassure fans

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Masucci’s words

Gaetano Masucci to the microphones of 50 Channel had his say on the start of his Pisa’s season: “It is a moment of difficulty, we have to take note of it and work to look for the result that will allow us to unblock because in this team there are all the technical and human values to get out of it. I am convinced that the reason is only confidence because of the lack of results even though no one expected such a start and it is useless to go around it. Goals should be built during the championship, it is useless to declare it and only time and results will tell what ours will be.”

“I understand the disappointment, we are the first to experience this situation badly, but I can guarantee that the commitment has never failed and that there is unity of purpose. With the people of Pisa we now know each other, I ask for support and that support that has never been lacking, and I am convinced that all components will fall into place and the results will come. It is right to be realistic, we are disappointed. However, we must not throw ourselves down but work as we are doing, pulling out even more and all the pride we have to show that we are not these.”

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