Valentina Caruso beautiful, good and tireless

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Valentina Caruso full-court press

Between radio, TV and other interesting projects, Valentina Caruso’s season has already begun.

“As a Sardinian, I was so sorry to see Cagliari get relegated, especially because of the way relegation happened,” she tells “On the last day of the championship, the way things had unfolded: Udinese won against Salernitana, Cagliari’s direct competitor, the red and blue would have only needed to score one goal against Venezia (already relegated) to stay in Serie A. The disappointment was greater precisely because Cagliari did not take advantage of the favorable situation that had been created. It went the way it went, and these are verdicts that must be accepted. Obviously the team deserved to relegate. This year in Serie B I am seeing a rather positive reality, both in the way of playing and in the mentality. I saw in the pre-season friendlies a convincing Cagliari with a lot of new and young faces together with experienced and experienced players who have not abandoned ship but instead feel the responsibility of relegation and want to fight to try to bring Cagliari back to Serie A, I am talking about players like Pavoletti, Deiola, Rog. Now the team has been strengthened with young grafts and with a big guy like Lapadula, who has just arrived, knows the category well and scores a shitload of goals. I think it is a very good team that can have its say in this league and can hit the target.”

“With the start of the championship I will certainly be in the field with Sky and beyond,” Valentina adds. “I work here in the editorial group Unione Sarda, Videolina, Radiolina. There are the sports broadcasts that I lead and co-lead, for the next football season. Not only soccer, because in radio, in Radiolina, I do normal generalist anchoring every day. It’s new for me because I started in February, I’m having a great time, every day live from 12 to 3 p.m., co-hosting with my colleague Luca Carcassi. I have to say it’s a path I’m really enjoying, I’m doing it with a smile and also with the pleasure of telling anecdotes, curiosities, fashion, trends, lifestyle and more in between records.”

Tireless, we said, and indeed… “I have to go to Sicily to present the Cous Cous Fest, together with other colleagues, Rai presenters: there will be Roberta Morise, Federico Quaranta and others, I cannot spoil too much. For me it is an honor, it is a very important festival. It will be held in September in San Vito lo Capo and I am very happy to be in my second land, in fact my dad is from Palermo.”

“I am also fresh from the presentation of the Calabrese Prize, a journalistic award related to sports that from this year has also expanded to other spheres such as culture and information in general, not only sports. I presented it together with a colleague from Corriere della Sera in Rome named Giuseppe Di Piazza. Last year I had the honor of receiving this award that is so prestigious and dedicated to a journalist who made the history of journalism in Italy.”

“This year I was asked to conduct and present it together with Giuseppe, we have awarded great personalities such as Francesco Rutelli, Susanna Tamaro, Paolo Mieli, Paolo Liguori. While a few weeks ago I presented a beautiful event in Costa Smeralda, the Grand Gala of Sardinia, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary celebration of Costa Smeralda. It was a unique evening in the square of Porto Cervo.”

“For the future we will see, from time to time there is always something new that often comes last minute. Between presentations, sports and radio hosting I will keep busy. I am becoming very fascinated with the area of food and the area of travel and tourism to discover places and different cultures, in tune with the subject in which I have a degree, archaeology.”

Closure with surprise touched off. But only for the moment. “I had never said this before, except to those around me. Last year I was going to participate in Beijing Express, but everything jumped at the last minute, a very important possibility that after a series of meetings and gatherings in the end did not materialize.”

“If it happens again? I wish! I have to tell the truth, I don’t like reality shows but Beijing is the only one I would accept, in tune with my tastes and attitudes. Then in the year they proposed it to me, it would be perfect, Petra, Israel, Istanbul all places that have a very important historical component.”

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