The family derby already excites Meo Sacchetti

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Meo Sacchetti speaks.

The Federation has released the official calendar for the 2022-23 Serie A2 Old Wild West championship, in which Acqua S.Bernardo will take part, placed in the Green Group of the competition.

The Canturina team, which will make its debut away, in Milan, on the Urania court on October 1, will make its season opener behind home walls on Sunday, October 9, against NPC Rieti, at PalaBancoDesio. Next up, on Sunday, Oct. 16, on the third day a fascinating challenge on the PalaRadi court against Vanoli Cremona; coach Meo Sacchetti the great ex.

The biancoblù’s second home game will be another Lombardy derby, Sunday, Oct. 23, against Blu Basket Treviglio, a club where the coach’s son, Brian Sacchetti, plays. Closing out Cantù’s first half of the season will be the
home match against newly promoted JuVi Cremona, scheduled for Dec. 18. The regular season will end on March 26, away from home, also against JuVi Cremona.

Coach Sacchetti commented on the biancoblù’s journey as follows: “I find it is always difficult to make a judgment on the schedule and the first games to be played because, at the end of the day, all teams have to be met; facing them right away or at a later date really changes little, indeed, nothing. What I can say quite naturally, on the other hand, is that the calendar will put yours truly in front of certainly exciting challenges, which will bring out many memories of the past. I am of course referring to the games against Torino, Vanoli Cremona and Treviglio, where my son Brian plays.”

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