Luciano Moggi lapidary on Juventus and Paul Pogba

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Strong words from the former HCL executive

Luciano Moggi has spoken without mincing words about Juventus’ handling of Paul Pogba’s injury, which inevitably jeopardizes the Frenchman’s first part of the season and ruins Max Allegri’s plans.

“Let’s say that I hope to see Pogba again,” the former Juventus manager told ‘TvPlay,’ “he is a guy who is undoubtedly very good. Maybe it was wrong not to operate on the player right away, but that’s another matter. It’s no small thing, and doing everything after the World Cup means seeing him again in February. Let’s say they allowed him to do what he wanted to do and that maybe at other clubs he would not have done.”

For Moggi, Juve must now focus on concretizing a new midfield shot: “Paredes will definitely come,” he said, stressing the importance of such a signing especially given Pogba’s knockout.

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