Lorenzo Insigne does not hide nostalgia

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Former Napoli captain gets a little homesick

Fresh off his first goal of his North American adventure, Lorenzo Insigne explained that he has not forgotten his Naples home at all since moving to Toronto.

“As soon as I have time I will definitely come back, to find friends and relatives, and follow Napoli closely,” he told RadioUno Rai. “I can’t wait for the Serie A championship to start, I have already arranged everything to see the matches. Every now and then I hear from my former teammates via calls or message, I wished them to win the championship.”

Despite the homesickness, Insigne also said he does not regret at all his choice to go to Canada: “I’m doing well, I’m starting to study the language, to better understand my teammates and the coach,” he said. “The MLS is a good league, with excellent facilities, at the physical level it requires commitment and running. It can aspire to become a high-level tournament.”

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