Gianmarco Pozzecco gives no peace for Danilo Gallinari: “I will pray for him.”

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“With Gallo we could have won the European Championship,” said a bitter Pozzecco.

The technical and emotional leader of the Azzurri’s representative team, Danilo Gallinari had also put the stamp of his class on the match against Georgia, as long as he remained on the court. With an applauding third quarter and 17 total points scored up to that point, the Rooster saw his left knee ‘crack.’ Armed off the court, the Boston Celtics player now faces a long layoff. Not only would his participation in Eurobasket 2022 seem at risk, but also his entire season, in the most pessimistic predictions.

Coach Gianmarco Pozzecco himself, in statements reported by the official FIP website, does not let much hope shine through: “Italy-Georgia and this splendid victory count for nothing compared to what happened today at Gallo. In these weeks we have seen how happy he was to play with this group, for me it is a pride to coach one of the strongest players in the history of Italian basketball and also tonight to see him on the court was a pleasure for everyone’s eyes. I know I repeat obsessively that I am proud of my boys but the truth is that every time I read this concept, which is the only one I recognize as a coach, I am the happiest man in the world because I am truly grateful to them. These guys are wonderful,” Poz began.

“As for Gallo, I know what it’s like to injure his knee, I tried it, I hope he has nothing but the diagnosis is not there yet, we have to wait a few hours, of course we all pray he has nothing. With Gallo we could have won the European Championship but I am not sad because eventually without him we will struggle more, but for him, who deserved and deserves to be there. Finally, I want to thank Brescia and all the fans for the great affection they showed us tonight,” he concluded.

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