MotoGp post Valentino Rossi: Loris Reggiani goes down flat

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“There are no more characters like Valentino Rossi, a new way is needed.”

Former Forlì rider Loris Reggiani in an interview with Motosprint spoke about the problems of MotoGp without Valentino Rossi: “With Valentino Rossi’s farewell, many people have stopped following MotoGP, and at the moment I don’t see any characters capable of getting people who are not motorcyclists passionate about it, so a new path needs to be found. It would be nice if, for example, the new Saturday races were broadcast free to air, so maybe that would bring new segments of the population closer to the championship.”

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Sprint races, however, do not convince the former MotoGp TV commentator at all: “I don’t like the sprint race, since the more races you do the more you devalue the championship. I think this choice will be a boomerang: the first year the ratings will certainly go up, since there will be curiosity, but later the interest will drop, which will lead to the devaluation of the races. In fact, at that point no one will remember who won what and when. In my opinion, MotoGP is something exclusive, which should remain so.”

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Reggiani also broke a lance in favor of the riders: “The way the riders have been treated screams vengeance, but then again, it has always been like that. They continue to be cannon fodder: if the current MotoGP riders decided not to participate they would be replaced by Superbike riders.”

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