Nicolo Barella has not forgotten Cagliari

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The words of Nicolo Barella

Nicolò Barella confessed to the Nerazzurri matchday program dedicated to Inter-Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

“In my career, determination was fundamental, it allowed me to believe in what I was, to grow and overcome obstacles. Work and sacrifice have been the daily foundations.”

“My roots are in Cagliari, the city where I was born and raised. In Como I had my first experience away from my affections and it served me a lot both professionally and personally to grow and mature, while Milan is the present, the place where I wanted to be and am.”

“I have always said that Stankovic was the prototype of the player I liked, Daniele Conti was influential in my path, with his humility, his example and his love for Cagliari.”

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