Maurizio Sarri is still furious about Lazio-Napoli

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Maurizio Sarri’s words

Maurizio Sarri tries to turn the page: “We have the ambition not to think about the long term, but about the short term. So the first target is to pass the round by avoiding the playoffs, which are very tricky against teams coming down from the Champions League. Against Feyenoord it is very important to win, although all of them in Europe are of great difficulty. Turnover? Of showing someone I have no interest, I see them every day. Now more than before we need to make some changes, it may be that we will change something.”

The Lazio coach is still furious, however, about the game against Napoli: “What happened in these games everyone saw. I have an obligation to defend my players, the team and the Lazio people-I would do it all my life. I think my lawyer may have a lot of work this year.”

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