US Open: Sinner wastes a match point, Alcaraz goes to semifinals

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Azure comes close to the first semifinal of his career

At the match of an epic match that lasted more than five hours, Sinner surrendered to Alcaraz and said goodbye to his dream of winning his first semifinal at a Slam. The Spaniard won in five sets, playing at a masterful level: 6-3, 6-7, 6-7. 7-5, 6-3 the partials in favor of the young Spanish outfielder.

After losing the first set, the Italian did not break down and managed to bring home the next two sets always on tie-break. In the fourth set, Alcaraz saves a match point and wins the set 7-5. In the fifth set, Sinner has a chance to fly to 4-2 but wastes it. Alcaraz takes advantage and brings home the victory with determination (the break at 4-3 in favor of the Spaniard in the fifth set being decisive). After losing the last two direct challenges, the Spaniard beats the Italian in the most delicate match of their five duels.

Alcaraz thus remains in the running to become the new world No. 1. Sinner exits the tournament with his head held high but with the regret of not having properly taken advantage of the opportunities he had.

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