Vincenzo Italiano in the dock. But he is not the only

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The team doesn’t know how to win anymore

Protagonist of a below-expectations start to the season in terms of results – the Viola has collected just six points in five matches, with as many as three draws to their credit – Fiorentina did not get unstuck even in the Conference League, where it managed to get reeled in by the modest Rigas Futbola Skola.

Some dissatisfaction began to mount in the city, which well emerged at the referee’s fnal whistle after the match with the Latvian team. Vincenzo Italiano ended up in the crosshairs of some criticism, which, however, also focused on the sterility in the goal area of the summer’s main acquisition, that Luka Jovic who also in Europe missed at least a couple of excellent chances.

The former Real Madrid center forward, who also missed a penalty against Juventus less than a week ago, has scored only once this early in the season: the many chances created by the team in practically every match do not find adequate finalization also because of the Serbian’s wet dust. Who is now paying for it himself with criticism from social media.

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