F1, Ferrari: Mattia Binotto puts his hands out.

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“We need to consider, in the coming years, an increase in the number of power units available.”

The calendar for the 2023 World Championship has been drawn up: with as many as 24 Grands Prix scheduled, the work of the manufacturers will get tougher and tougher, amid technological innovations and unforeseen technical hitches to deal with. The topic of power units, which is very hot in Ferrari, has been the subject of discussion by Team Principal Mattia Binotto. Even in the final foreshortening of this season, which by now sees Max Verstappen and Red Bull spiraling toward the drivers’ title and the constructors’ title, the Maranello-based team is facing the possibility of a new engine replacement, which would result in a grid penalty for the cars subject to the intervention. On the propoisto of the same penalties said its the engineer of the Rosse, who gave the following words to the microphones of Motorsport.

“We need to consider, in the coming years, an increase in the number of power units available: perhaps three are too few,” Binotto began. “For a fan it is not nice to see a single-seater in pole position that cannot take off in front of everyone because it has suffered grid penalties. The drafting of the regulations has taken so long because there are certainly different interpretations. And the regulations themselves are not clear enough. This is something we certainly need to address for the future. I think not only is the amount of penalties we have exaggerated, but also how we decide the grid position based on them,” the Team Principal concluded.

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