Roger Federer reveals a secret about the future and one about his wife Mirka

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A secret about the future, and also about the recent past.

Roger Federer spills the beans ahead of the Laver Cup, the competition that will precede his retirement from tennis. And the Swiss star, in a press conference, gave some hints about his activities once his career comes to an end. But also how his family has experienced the recent times, which have been particularly complicated for him.

“The last few years for me have been hard. However, I think they were even harder for her than for me,” Federer admitted, speaking of his wife Mirka. “Seeing me in the state I was in, she didn’t like it anymore. I was struggling with injuries, but I was also very sorry to see her so worried.”

Federer’s family, then, had a strong reaction even after the retirement announcement: “Theirs were strong emotions, I saw someone crying. The kids asked me if we will no longer travel to Halle, Wimbledon or Indian Wells. I replied that I will no longer participate in the tournament, but we can still go if they simply want to be there.”

“I will find a way to stay in very close contact with tennis,” Federer then added. Who indulged in a little hint on this point, concerning the possibility of devoting himself to commentary on TV and beyond: “I never imagined I would say this, but six months ago I suddenly realized that even though I always said it would never happen, one day I might want to report on tennis. Maybe for some Wimbledon matches instead it could happen.”

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