Empty-goal goals: the AHL warns

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Two particular situations, in the face of which clarification came from the AHL.

Last weekend in the Alps Hockey League there were two situations in which one team took the goalie off the ice during overtime and replaced him with a fourth movement player. Because both teams then lost, they were deducted the point for the tie after 60 minutes. This rule has been introduced in the Game Handbook since 3-on-3 overtime is played.

Taking the goalie off the ice during overtime and replacing him with a fourth player on the ice has also been practiced by some coaches/clubs in the past. Both EHC Lustenau and EC Bregenzerwald opted for this approach last weekend, but were then defeated by an empty-netter.

Since the introduction of the 3vs3 overtime rule, the Alps Hockey League regulations already contain a paragraph regulating exactly this scenario. Specifically, if a defeat occurs, during an empty net situation, the point for the tie after 60 minutes will also be deducted.

This rule has been established in the Game Manual for several years and was originally adopted from the NHL rulebook. This adaptation is to preserve 3vs3 play in overtime, which is fast and full of chances on both sides. The purpose is also to prevent game manipulation and loss of game integrity.

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