Aleix Espargaró grooms Aprilia after mistake: “It’s not like I’m Valentino Rossi”

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Aleix Espargaró shakes up Aprilia: “They didn’t take away my eco mapping. Now it’s hard, I’m not Valentino Rossi”

Aleix Espargaró did not hide his bitterness after the MotoGp Japanese Grand Prix was compromised due to a human error: an attendant forgot to remove the Spaniard’s eco mapping from the bike. “We had a human error. They forgot to take off the eco-map, fuel-saving, which doesn’t make the bike go over 100 km/h and doesn’t go over 4000 rpm so it doesn’t consume gasoline. They forgot to take it off so I had to take a slow lap. I went back to the pits but the second bike had the wrong tires….”

Now the situation for the Spaniard, 25 points behind Fabio Quartararo in the overall, is getting more complicated: “I am very sad today. I don’t know how to say, Aprilia and I are doing a good job. But at the beginning of the season they said the Aprilia was the best bike, instead it is neither Ducati nor Yamaha and I am neither Marc Marquez nor Valentino Rossi, so to get here for me was very difficult. And today I was faster than them….”

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