Marc Marquez armors up at Honda, but admits, “Assen? I don’t feel ready.”

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After repeated problems in recent months, the approach seems to have changed.

Marc Marquez in Assen for personal revival, but taking a metaphorical step back. The Catalan, back from very complicated months, experienced a weekend-long nightmare at the MotoGP trip to the Sachsenring. In the Thursday before the start of the Dutch Grand Prix, however, he aims to put it all behind him. With clear words also addressed to the entire Honda environment.

“My commitment to Honda is at the highest level,” Marquez assured the press conference, “I continue and will continue to work on this project with 100 percent of my strength. And I am here to gather information for the future Honda. I struggled a lot in Germany, and it’s hard to understand the reasons why.”

“If you push and fall, it’s acceptable. You know you’re riding on the limit and you put that into account,” Marquez added. “But in the Sachsenring warm-up I wasn’t pushing particularly hard and I fell anyway. I didn’t expect it, because I’ve often ridden over the limits, but in Germany I crashed five times. So I don’t feel ready to push here in Assen.”

“If from a physical point of view you are not ready, you miss those 3-4 tenths that you can find when you push hard. In Germany I also pushed too hard, but this weekend I don’t feel ready to do that. Assen will serve us to improve for the future,” Marquez concluded.

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