Usain Bolt has no doubt: Marcell Jacobs won’t make it

©Getty Images

The world record in the 100 meters (9″58) is dated 2009

Usain Bolt today dabbles in other things. At 36, however, he is still one of the most beloved (and winning) sportsmen in the world. Everyone dreams of taking his place, even Marcell Jacobs, currently the world’s fastest 100-meter runner.

The Jamaican, when questioned about who will manage to beat his world record in the 100 meters (9″58, Berlin 2009), was quite clear through the columns of Gazzetta dello Sport: “My record is not beaten by anyone.” While complimenting Olympic champion Marcell Jacobs, Usain Bolt is convinced that his 100-meter record is unattainable. He still feels the throne is his.

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