Antonio Cassano promotes Mario Balotelli’s return to Serie A

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Former Roma man would see Balotelli well in Serie A

Antonio Cassano, former player of Roma, Real Madrid, Milan and Inter among others, spoke about Mario Balotelli during an interview for the podcast hosted by Fedez, ‘Muschio Selvaggio’.

“I am convinced that he is strong. If you tell me who is the strongest Italian striker there is, I answer Balotelli. Immobile? Playing soccer is not just about scoring goals. Balotelli, in his craziness, is more technical and stronger than him. I would call him to the national team. I know him well, he is a good guy. Not having a head means making a wrong life and he is not like that,” explained the former Bari striker.

“He is very strong. If he finds the right environment, with the right coach who understands that he can fight with him, then he can go back to the top. If they put a label on you, it’s hard to take it off. For me, a team like the current Fiorentina, which plays beautiful soccer and needs a striker, in an environment like that … I’ll take him right away,” Cassano continued, pointing to a Serie A club where Mario Balotelli could do well.

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